Are you struggling to connect with your troubled child and out of options?


Will help you establish a loving connection between you and your children.

Learn how to induce significant positive change in your teens’ behavior without looking manipulative by introducing subtle & immediately implementable shifts in how you approach them.

Explore all the benefits of the loving, yet powerful tools of my award winning masterclass and be the best parent possible to raise self-confident, motivated children!

Forget un-winnable power struggles and nonstop arguments with your child and turn stressful moments into peaceful ones once and for all.

Stop Struggling, Forget Frustrating Parenting Concerns, and Tackle the Throes of Parenting at Their Roots!

YOU CAN TOO, help your child to find the path to joy, fulfillment and maturity!

Are you frustrated by the fact that your child is facing some difficulties, but you don't know where to turn for effective help?

Are you worried it'll cost a not-so-small fortune and take working 3 jobs, 18 hours a day, until you can afford to get professional help?

Are you discouraged from counseling, fearing that your children will be stigmatized?

Are you struggling to balance work and family life while trying to cope with the whole situation emotionally?

With all that going on in your head, no wonder trying to communicate and have a healthy relationship with your children seems like a pipe dream at this point.

It felt like I was on a roller coaster, and it was so darn stressful…

Then it struck me. If we want to have long-lasting results, we have to strike at the roots. After trying all these approaches, we've synthesized our patented method to improve behavior for any troubled youngster by focusing on the parent first and getting more enjoyment in parenting, which changed our results immediately!

And it can change yours too! Step off the hamster wheel of feeling fear, sadness and helplessness and overcome all parenting obstacles without yelling or temper tantrums!

There's a More Effective Way to Have a Positive Impact on Your Children than Counseling and Treatment Centres

we did it the hard way until we realized how we can hand over the "keys" to you

Hey, I'm Aaron Huey, founder of the “Parenting Teens that Struggle” podcast, the No. 1. parenting podcast internationally

For 20 years, I've been a parent coach, a family coach, and a teen sober coach. 16 years ago, my wife and I opened an award‑winning treatment center.

This was a residential program for children ages 12 to 17. Quite frankly, we were the last line of defense before jail and even death with teenagers. We've worked with families who are struggling with the worst things you can think of, and in 16 years of running a facility, things have not gotten better, and in fact, they've gotten worse.

Unfortunately, the isolation during the pandemic has done even more damage to the children and their families. I realized there's not enough treatment to go around, and even if you manage to get in, it will cost you a fortune.

But now there's another option available for you, as we've distilled our two decades of expertise into an easy-to-digest, immediately applicable parenting masterclass to help get your family on the right track right now.

Just click the button below, and you can get started right away. You'll be surprised how quickly you'll be able to see results.

Right now, everybody is dealing with the fallout of a global pandemic that has affected us deeply and recession is looming on us.

Let's get our families back. Let's get back on track. Let's go from beyond risk to back to just being a family again.

Over 20 Years Of Experience Distilled

this parenting masterclass will shape your family's future for the better

specific chapters tailored to your child's risk-level
assignments to get results from what you've learned
hours of video that covers the needs of every family
bite-sized teachings so you can move at your own pace

Now, I Know What's on Your Mind…

isn't It just the same half-baked solution with another fancy name?

“But Aaron, I’ve spent huge amounts of time and money on helping my child find his/her path with books, courses, and counseling, and they didn’t do a thing.”

or “I just don’t know where to start.”

or “I’ve tried a dizzying array of approaches, applied all "easy-to-learn" tips I could find before, and nothing worked.”

“All I want to know is, How the heck can I actually form a stronger relationship with my child and see improved behavior so I don't have to worry about his/her physical and mental well-being all the time?”

Well, the tricky thing is, you’ve been told that figuring out how to help your teen find their path and form a stronger bond along the way is super hard, complicated, and a real nightmare, right?

But now, I’m going to share with you something that will fix ALL of that!

It’s a simple and PROVEN system I created that takes you and your child from not even talking to each other to a caring and respectful relationship in just a couple of weeks in some cases!

It’s the “Beyond Risk & Back” Parenting Masterclass, and it was specifically designed for Struggling parents just like you.

The Telly Awards BRONZE WINNER

The Telly Awards honor excellence in video and television across all screens. The Beyond Risk & Back: Parenting a Wold Changer MasterClass has won a Bronze Award in 2021 in the non-broadcast education category.

Learn How to Make the Change in Yourself That Your Child Needs

The path of Beyond Risk & Back to healthy families

Red Light

Focus on What You Can Control

Help Your Children Beyond Risk by Taking Care of Yourself First

Concepts You're Going to Learn

  • The New Order of Care
  • Mirror, Validate, Empatize
  • Ending the Homework Battle Forever
  • ​The Non-Neogitables
  • ​Consequences That Work
There has to be a new order of care if we are going to be able to make any changes or survive a teenager that's struggling. Traditionally, as parents, we take care of our children first. Put on your oxygen mask first before you assist others. Self-care is the key to dealing with a child that needs help.

The second thing we have to focus on is our adult relationships. This is us reconnecting and creating unity with our parenting partners. They are your support team. You can't do this alone.

Take care of yourselves first, your adult relationship second, and your children third, very simply, because in that way, you're going to do the best work with your children. 

Yellow Light

Set Guardrails to Avoid Slipping Into the Red Zone

Be the Role Model They Need & Help Them Stay out of Risk

There are two paths your child can take. There's the dead-end path, and then there's that road to the green that goes that world changer path. Down that dead end are our jails, institutions, and death, and the institution is the gate before the door of hell.

If you need our red path parenting modules, those are available to you, but the green path parenting modules are also available. That world changes your child. If you want your kid to walk the green path, you have to walk it first.

This is not a question of which way your child will go. This is a question about which way you're going to take your family. 

Which way are you going to go? Which road will you take?

Concepts You're Going to Learn

  • Family Behavior Contract
  • Ask Me Anything
  • Protect and Prepare
  • Hand the Problem Back
  • ​The Big 5 Risky Behaviors

Green Light

Get Teens To Recognize Their Inherent Value

Learn How to Parent a World Changer by Mastering 5 Key Areas

Concepts You're Going to Learn

  • Mental Mastery
  • Physical Mastery
  • Emotional Mastery
  • ​Spiritual Mastery
  • ​Financial Mastery
How do you take a child, a teenager, and get them to recognize that inherent value that we see in them? 

How do we get them to say, I'm so wise, I'm so beautiful, I'm so athletic and powerful, and I'm so creative?

How do we take a child and make them into the leader of the evolutionary special forces? That's what this program is about.

I want to take you step by step, piece by piece. Let's disseminate what successful people do and then turn around and teach the kids. 

There are five energies we have to get these kids to master, which means you need to master them first. 


  • Solves problems once and for all
  • Discipline without losing love
  • ​A wallet-friendly solution
  • ​We offer solution to an array of problems
  • Merely short-term solution
  • Doing at least as much harm as good
  • Will cost you an arm and a leg
  • ​Only solves one or two specific problems

Look, Don’t Just Take My Word For It

read success stories of those who CAN CALL THEMSELVES happy parents again

Despite its relatively short existence, the program is SO effective that every day, we see emails and social media messages pour into our office from brand new Beyond Risk & Back members with these amazing success stories.
Check out what some of the parents, just like YOU are saying after they used Beyond Risk & Back to get the life of their children and family back in order!
"Aaron is, without a doubt, the MOST capable person to work with you and your child(ren)."
I'm guessing that if you are looking at this review, it is because you are needing help for your kiddo. LOOK NO FURTHER! I can’t stress that enough. Aaron is, without a doubt, the MOST capable person to work with you and your child(ren). 

We found Aaron after our 15 year old ended up on a ventilator after a suicide attempt. We were absolutely devastated, as you can imagine. We have tried so many therapists and doctors and programs and we still ended up watching our daughter struggle for her life. 

Aaron set up a zoom call with my husband and me and immediately gave us hope. He didn’t sugar coat anything and he told us it was going to be work for the entire family. All the words he said after that made SO MUCH sense and and his wealth of knowledge about what we were experiencing instilled great trust in him. We immediately signed up for his parenting program ( and started working. SIGN UP FOR THE LESSONS!!! They will change your lives.

T.J. Quinn

"We no longer felt we had to micromanage our 17 year old, which improved our communication and healed our relationship around gaming. "
Our son has always loved video games, but covid and zoom school made him more reliant on gaming as a source of entertainment and virtually interacting with friends. As our son spent more time on the screen, his isolation and dependence on gaming grew to the point of an unhealthy attachment to video games along with worsening depression and isolation.

With Aaron's coaching, we used the innovative Respawn and Clear Goal techniques with our son to define what appropriate and healthy behavior looks like. The benefit was a collaboration for both parent and child after learning a process that motivates and makes sense to our son. For the first time, everybody felt heard and bought in to the process and goals. We no longer felt we had to micromanage our 17 year old, which improved our communication and healed our relationship around gaming.

For our son, he took ownership and accountability for other aspects of a typical teenage life (school work, taking care of mental and physical needs) while giving him the control he wanted.

Christina Sevilla

I thought to myself,"Wow, I will be able to change our family's life, these are all the tools I get to use now.I saw significant change when I committed to apply all the techniques I learned."


Many families who were in your exact same boat...but then they took advantage of the Beyond Risk & Back Parenting Masterclass and have already changed their lives forever.
So, now it’s YOUR turn. Are you ready to get started?
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  • ​Green Light Course - Parenting World Changers (Value $247)
  • ​Beyond Risk & Back Workbooks (Value $47)

Total Value: $788

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Today Just $99 

  • 10 Hours of Super Applicable Content
  • 56 Life-changing Techniques
But you have to HURRY! Now is the right time, because every minute counts when dealing with children's problems, so you should not delay...

No more waiting, no more hoping or wishing how it's going to happen.

And that's because we show you how... every step of the way.

Your success is our #1 priority.

Ready To Take Action?

 Stop living in constant stress... getting mediocre results... risking emotional burnout... and entering fully drained trying to help your child.


  • Feeling helpless and alone as a parent of a troubled youngster
  • Worrying about your child's future and well-being
  • Blaming yourself for each of your child's problems
  • ​Constant struggle to cope with the situation emotionally
  • ​Being judged by others who don't even know you
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